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Lake Erie is the smallest of the Great Lakes by volume. It receives its water from Lake Huron to the north via the St. Clair River. Approximately 2 dozen islands in Lake Erie, countless ports, harbours, anchorages and beaches  make for incredible Cruising experiences.

Long Point 

Long Point is a favourite destinatin for sailors and motor cruisers alike. It is a 40 kilometer stretch of sand and marshes and, what many don't know, it is the heart of the UNESCO-recognized biosphere in Norfolk County.  The eastern end of Long Point is protected as a national wildlife area by the federal government. Visitors are not permitted except at the very tip, where there's a lighthouse, only reachable by boat.

Long Point Bay, divided into Inner Bay and Outer Bay, lie to the nort of Long Point. Towns along this side of Long Point include Port Rowan, Turkey Point and Port Dover, home to the Long Point Bay Yacht Club.

Erie, PA

If you have ventured to "the point" of Long Point, you are half way to Erie!  The shortest distance to the shores of Pennsylvania is approximately 23.5 miles.  Aside from the easily avoidable Bluff's Bar and the shallow waters off the tip of Long Point, you should have nothing but clear sailing or motoring! 

Remember, this sail will take a little more planning. Everyone traveling with you will need a Passport! If your boat is over 30', you will be required to purchase a CBP decal. Additional information can be found at the DTOPS website. And once you arrive, or 4 hours before if you have Nexxus, don't forget to check in! 

Erie is the home of many festivals and special events including Erie Days and Roar on the Shore but no matter when you go, you're bound to have a great time.

Port Stanley

Port Stanley is a historical working fishing and tourist village on the North shore of Lake Erie. 

Port Colborne

Port Colborne is at the foot of the Welland Canal and rich in marine history. Its historic shopping districts, beach access, and many natural attractions make it a great port to visit.

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