Membership Update for the 2021 boating season

Greetings members and friends!

To Join Long Point Bay Yacht Club at Port Dover Harbour Marina, swing by to see Mike Moulton (SV Sea Warrior) on Dock 1, Slip 113A, Derrick Yeomans on Dock 3, Slip 71.


Notice to Long Point Bay Yacht Club Members

Executive - 2021


On behalf of the Executive, we hope you are all well and staying safe. This notice is to keep all members informed about recent decisions regarding the Executive members for 2021.

As you know, due to the restrictions re COVID-19, we were unable to hold our Annual General Meeting. We therefore could not hold elections for the Executive members for the 2021 year. Because of this, the 2020 Executive has agreed to hold their positions for a second year to ensure the ongoing operation of the Club.

Below is a list of the Executive as it stands. If you have any objections or wish to serve as a Director, please do not hesitate to submit your concerns or your interest in a Directorship in writing to our Commodore, Judy Redmond (

Although this year’s Club activities will be constrained by COVID-19 rules, we hope we can still do some socializing, such as overnights at the Point.



Judy Redmond

Vice Commodore

Derrick Yeomans


Kate Moulton


Sharon Lipsit


Mike Moulton


Nicole Yeomans

Director at Large

Paul Lipsit



Sharon Lipsit

LPBYC Secretary

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