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Our Crew

We are a small community of Cruisers always happy to have others join for cruising or just to get to know other like minded water lovers!


Derrick Yeomans
Nicole Yeomans


Secretary | Website and communications

We started sailing on Lake Ontario in 2016. First on @dock.calm, a 23’ Georgian, which we sailed from Scarborough Bluffs Yacht Club to Port Dover Harbour Marina, joining friends there on Dock 6.

In 2017, after deciding to make sailing a big part of our upcoming retirement, we purchased Zambezi, a 35’ C&C Mk1, which we sailed from National Yacht Club in Toronto, through the Welland Canal for the second time in two years to her new home on Dock 3 at PDHM. In 2019, we joined Long Point Bay Yacht Club, taking part in many social and cruising activities, including two amazing trips across Lake Erie to Erie, Pennsylvania.


Paul Lipsit

Vice Commodore and Membership Director

My partner Sharon and I started sailing on Lake Erie in 2002. First on Falcon’s Nest, a 7.6 metre Kelt and then in 2011 we moved up to Zatarra, a 36' Catalina. Living in Port Dover makes it easy to take the boat out whenever we get the urge. We love to cruise and have sailed as far as Port Colbourne at the eastern end of the lake and Put-in-Bay at the western end. Along the way, we've met many people who've since become good friends, and we’ve enjoyed their hospitality when we arrive at their ports. Zatarra has also participated in the Lake Erie Interclub (cruising division) and the Maythem and Hewson regattas.


Jackie Simmons


Born in England by the sea so my happy place has always been by the water, be it salt or fresh, although I’m not keen on swimming where there are muddy bottoms and eels!


I lived in Siena, Tuscany for 13 years which was a fun experience and then in 2013 I moved to be with my other half, Roger (Aka Rabbit) and discovered that after 30 years apart we both have a passion for sailing.


I organized a trip to Thailand in 2018 and before heading out we spent the winter doing our RYA theory and then did our RYA Day Skipper with our sailing hero Merv in Phuket, sailing around the Andaman sea.


After a trip to the Annapolis boat show later that year We fell in love with Catalina sailboats. On our return I managed to find a Catalina 36 MK1 which was based in Midland. We transported her down to PDHM, which has been Rojax’s home since 2018. Our crew also includes our pup, Skipper, who loves dinghy rides, paddle boarding and standing at the front of the boat as the meet and greeter.


Plans and dreams for the future to sail away to the Bahamas and then onto the South Pacific although we are seriously considering maybe buying a boat in Europe and cruising there for a while but that’s for retirement for now we’ll make do with sailing whenever we can.


Judy Redmond

Past Commodore

I have been sailing for 40 years. Starting with a CL 16, moving on to a C & C 25, and now with our CS 30, Whisper, which we have had for 24 years. My late husband, Norm and I were first docked down the river but once the Port Dover Harbour Marina was built we moved to dock 2 at the marina. We first joined the CYC in the 80s and I was Commodore in the 90s. The LPBYC came to the marina from Booth’s Harbour as the marina was adding a third dock.

I married Steve in 2001. In meeting many of the LPBYC members we realized the vast majority were sailors so we decided to join and both of us became very involved in the Board, eventually becoming Commodore. I have seen many changes as the marina grew into what it is today.

I was very fortunate to grow up spending my summers at my family cottage in Port Dover, and still do so today. I have enjoyed sailing to the west end of Lake Erie and to the east. We have made many acquaintances in the clubs across the lake.

As Past Commodore I look forward to our new season with our current Board and continued Commodore, Derrick Yeomans.


Steve Redmond

Cruising Director

I have been sailing for 23 years with my wife, Judy. I am a Past Commodore of the LPBYC, and I have enjoyed many years of cruising from east to west on Lake Erie visiting many ports and making acquaintances along the way and enjoying their hospitality. As the cruising director, I am intent on keeping our relationships with the clubs amiable, and I hope to continue our reciprocal arrangements.


Robert Rankin

Social Cruising Director

I believe I can say that I am one of the longest existing club members at Long Point Bay Yacht Club. My current sailboat is a 1968 C&C Corvette, named Sea Wolf. I previously owned sailing vessels, Seadler, Sea Gipsy, and the power boat Siesta. I guess I only own boats named with an S!


I’ve been sailing for 41 years - ask me about my adventures! I have many great experiences to share. I’ve sailed on Lake Erie, Lake Huron to the North Channel and Lake Ontario as far as Brockville. My advice after all these years? Keep on board all your spares, tools, and safety equipment. These things are of no value if they are not aboard during an emergency. Again, ask me about those adventures!


Allan Davies

Website / Communications Director

My partner Lynn and I sail a Colvic Countess 33, a British kit boat, named Fat Bottomed Girl for her wide beam. We purchased her in 2009 from a Port Dover resident who used her as the committee boat for Wednesday night racing. We had her shipped to Whitby where we were members of the Whitby Yacht Club. 

Lynn and I retired in 2017, moving to Port Dover to be nearer to our children in Hamilton. Fat Bottomed Girl of course came back home at the same time and we completed work on the boat, getting ready for our retirement plans.

We've been sailing for nearly 18 years and have experienced a number of exciting adventures. From bareboat chartering in the British Virgin Islands a number of times, to taking our sailboat down to Florida from Port Dover in 2019. We haven't sailed much on Lake Erie and are looking forward to new adventures and some anchoring out at Long Point.


Lorraine Pedersen

Director At Large

My husband Frank and I started sailing in the spring of 2012 on our first sail boat, Knot Working, a 24' Northern. I learned to sail on her in the inner harbour and we had a slip at Booth's Harbour that year. We brought her to Port Dover that fall and fell in love with the harbour marina so we decided to make it home. We stayed on Dock 6 for a number of years and were blessed to meet a lot of kind and helpful people. I was a bit timid and afraid of water at the time but our friends on Dock 6 helped me overcome my fears.

In April 2015, we upgraded to Keara I, a 28' O'Day. We joined the Wednesday night racing league so I could build confidence and sail like everyone else. We loved her but in time, we outgrew her. She was eventually cut up and put in a dumpster as the decks were too soft to sell her.

In 2018, we made the jump to Dock 3 and upgraded to a 36' Catalina, Keara II. She came from Oakville and we got to experience the lovely Welland Canal, which was amazing. Oh how we loved her. She taught me to love the water and made me a better sailor. As you may know, mother nature loved her more and we lost her in a wind storm on Nov. 15, 2020. Thanks to Covid, the prices of sailboats soared, so we decided to buy a powerboat, Aqualibrium, an '85 SeaRay Weekender that was also on Lake Ontario. We brought Aqualibrium through the Canal on a cold, rainy (and snowy) day in the Spring of 2021. That's a whole other story -- ask me about it sometime!

We look forward to many more years with the LBPYC and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people who are now family to us. I Look forward to being on the board of Directors and participating in many more events.

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Doug Cunningham


As a long-term member of Long Point Bay Yacht Club, I have many memories to share about all the good times we have. My partner Susan and I enjoy sailing the waters of Lake Erie aboard our 30' Hunter sailboat.

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