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Becoming Commodore ... Again

I am so thrilled to have been chosen to be the Commodore of the Long Point Bay Yacht Club for 2018. To follow in the footsteps of our past Commodore I hope to continue to deliver successful events and encourage enjoyable cruising to explore the many interesting ports around the lake. The board of directors and officers are looking forward to working together to create a great year ahead.

I have been a member of the Long Point Bay Yacht Club for 17 years and I was previously the Commodore in 2007. Wow, I have remained a director since that time and now Commodore Round 2!

I am excited to introduce our new website which is being developed by one of our newest members, Tracy Banderob. We will use this site, along with a new Facebook Page and Instagram account that are on their way, to keep you informed of events, news and ideas for the local cruising community. Communication and camaraderie is an important part of the club. Sharing the knowledge of the lake and boating will provide a fun and safe season.

Wishing you all a great winter. See you in the spring.

Yours in boating,

Judy Redmond

Commodore, LPBYC

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