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12 Days to Launch and the List is Long

As we look forward to our second season on Lake Erie, we are axiously watching the weather wondering if we are going to have enough time to get ready for our booked Launch on August 26th. Waiting for the ice storm today, we cancelled this weekend's trip, all signs point to pushing launch out by a week or two.

The list of things to do on the boat is long:

  • Replace the Charger / Inverter - As always, there is a story behind this!

  • Refresh batteries

  • Pick up Sails (repaired and cleaned over the winter season - sails like a spa day too!)

  • Get Tender ready

  • Buff the Hull and repair any damange from a close encounter with a rock in Goderich Marina (Again - there's a story here)

  • Repair hatch with new gasket

But all of that needs a weather window and, for us, that window has to be on weekends. So we haven't gotten very far and now anxiety sets in. What else can we get ready?

This weekend, we will wrap up some sewing projects, gather all buffing equipment and get anything else that's required, and wait...anxiously...for spring.

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