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A successful season opening membership breakfast at Long Point Bay Yacht Club

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, more than 40 people gathered at the Port Dover Harbour Marina for a delicious and fun-filled membership breakfast hosted by the Long Point Bay Yacht Club (LPBYC).

The event was part of the club’s membership drive to welcome new and prospective members and to kick off the 2023 boating season.

The breakfast is always a great opportunity for boaters to meet and mingle with fellow club members, learn about the club’s upcoming events and activities, and enjoy the scenic views of Lake Erie.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly, with plenty of laughter and conversation.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of nearly 10 new members who joined the club as a result of the membership drive. They received a hearty applause and a welcome gift from the club’s commodore, Derrick Yeomans.

The new members expressed their excitement and gratitude for joining such a vibrant and supportive community of boaters.

Another highlight was the 50/50 draw, which raised funds for the club’s social and cruising programs. The lucky winner of the draw was entitled to a $185 prize, but as of yet, the prize has not been claimed. If you have ticket number 06558341, please contact the club treasurer, Jackie Simmons, any other board member, or email to claim your prize!

The membership breakfast was a huge success and a testament to the club’s spirit and hospitality. LPBYC is a friendly yacht club that is committed to boating and racing on Lake Erie. Erie. It is a member of the Inter Lakes Yachting Association (ILYA), which allows its members to enjoy the hospitality of dozens of other yacht clubs around the Great Lakes on a reciprocal basis with a paid, full cruising membership.

If you are interested in joining LPBYC or learning more about its events and activities, please explore our website at or send an email to You can also follow the club on Facebook and Instagram for updates and photos.

We hope to see you on the water soon!

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Congrats to the 50/50 winner, Susan Cunningham, who is thankful the winning number was still legible after going through the wash!

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