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Erie Rendezvous is back!

After a three-year hiatus, club members and friends made passage across Lake Erie to Erie Yacht Club. It was nice to be back again!

S/Vs Whisper, Canace, Zatarra I, Taz, Radiance, Bluebird and Offshore Account sailed together on Friday, June 29, and Catherine, Refuge, Pampero, Rongatai, and Zambezi sailed on Saturday, June 30.

As you can see, we enjoyed near-perfect sailing conditions on Saturday, arriving an hour before the Margarita party hosted by past Commodore, Judy and hubby, Steve.

We enjoyed Steve’s renowned Margaritas and presented first time crossers (aka virgins), Catherine, Bluebird, and Rongatai with their prize medallions. Ask them about it! 😂

Afterward, we had a great dinner in the clubhouse and then danced the night away at the pavilion after the Venetian Nights boat parade.

After a spirited sail home to Port Dover, the sailing group was happy to be on terra firma again!

Here’s an entire photo dump of the trip if you want to pick out photos of your sailing vessel!!

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