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Visiting our neighbours to the South (once again)

We're looking forward to visiting the fine ports in the U.S. as soon as possible (some of us have already!) and with the annual Erie Rendezvous coming up the August long weekend, it's time to start preparing for crossing the border in our boats once again.

I just completed my request for our DTOPS decal so hopefully it'll be here in time. I also updated my CPB Roam app and entered all our boat details and our passport information so we're ready to report in as soon as we make landfall in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Here's some great detail on crossing into Canada from our friends at Lake Erie Interclub Cruise:

ArriveCan Reporting for Entering into Canada

*** All documentation can only be completed within 72 hours prior to the arrival in CANADA. The ArriveCan account can be created in advance. Passports and vaccine cards can be scanned in advance. However, the App only allows entry of “date/time” of arrival within the 72 hour window. For contingencies, I suggest that you pick a later time as your arrival time (you can of course arrive earlier). If you do try to enter date/arrival time before the 72 hour window, the App simply won’t accept that piece of data entry.

Steps / Suggestions: Using the ArriveCan application requires a stable data connection (WiFi or phone data plan) to upload scan of passports and vaccination status – experienced users may take 10 minutes – however, first time users should set aside a calm 30-45 minutes to – read instructions - set up an account –– scan/enter details.

  1. Download ArriveCan App to your phone – now.

  2. Set up your account - write down your login and account password immediately – put it in your wallet, etc. – you’ll need it again!

  3. As you progress through the App it is remembering the details that you have just entered – versus the “Save and Close” icon which “kicks” you out and requires you to log back in again – could be frustrating!

  4. Best completed (calmly) at home/office (maybe at the yacht club) on a kitchen table or other desk.

  5. Scanning of passports and Covid vaccination status using the App – Lighting, I suggest placing passport, etc. on a dark surface, good but neutral lighting, avoid contrasting sunlight and shadows.

  6. Continue all the way through the App (Continue prompts …). You are not Finished until you see an “ArriveCan Receipt Number”. I recommend that you, immediately take a screen shot/picture of the ArriveCan receipt number onto your cell phone. There are other ways that you will be sent the ArriveCan Receipt number by email and/or text. However, I believe the screen shot is the least frustrating failsafe way to recover it when you phone Canadian CBSA in Port Dover.

Fair Winds,


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