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Important VC 17 Antifouling Update :

During 2023, Interlux quietly announced the discontinuation of the very popular antifouling paint VC17. This came as a shock to many boaters in the Great Lakes as VC17 is by far one of the most popular antifouling paints. Since that time, Interlux has finally released a statement regarding the discontinuation of VC17. 


  • Interlux acknowledges the inconvenience that discontinuing VC17 has caused and is providing advice on what to do next.

  • After internal testing, it looks like VC Offshore  has proven to be compatible with existing VC17 bottoms. Boaters will need to sand the existing VC17 with 120 grit sandpaper and then clean with Special Thinner 216 before applying VC Offshore.

Check with your marine chandlery for further details and assistance.

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