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LPYC Winners in 2023 Christmas Parade

Hey Everyone!

I'm proud to say, we set the bar high with a spectacular first year in the Port Dover Christmas Fest Parade.

We had a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed a terrific, bright sunny day.

Thank you, thank you, to all the Club executive and Members who participated in the decorating of the sailboat and those who walked the route.

Our First parade and we WON the Christmas Fest Parade "Best Christmas Theme " for our entry! We also made Front Page of our local Maple Leaf! WOW!!

A special thanks to Doug Cunningham for providing the boat for our float and truck, and, to Troy Wilson and Judy Redmond for their enthusiastic determination.

Hope you enjoy the pictures taken at the parade below.

Merry Christmas,

Commodore Paul

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Congratulations team!! Amazing first annual parade!🎄⛵️

Me gusta
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