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Getting ready for our first Erie Rendezvous in 3 years!

We last shared what you need to do to prep for visiting in the U.S. again in our post: Well the time has arrived for our first Erie Rendezvous since 2019! Some club members who've signed up will leave on Friday of the long weekend and we're planning to leave at dawn on Saturday, June 30 -- weather permitting, of course!

A bunch of questions have come up since we first announced this trip:

  1. What's the flag protocol? So here's the deal - I'm not the authority on certain things but I'm happy to provide you with some credible resources. For example, flag protocol can be super confusing so here's a link: - govern yourselves accordingly. :-)

  2. How will we communicate with club members during the trip? Word has it that channel 16 is fine for initial hailing of vessels in Canada, but once you cross the border, it's channel 9 or face the wrath of the U.S. Coast Guard. We'll call ourselves LPBYC Erie Rendezvous sailing group since there are no power boats registered for this trip.

  3. What's planned while we're there? We have arranged for a Margarita Arrival Reception at 4 p.m. on Saturday (no charge), followed by dinner at the Erie Yacht Clubhouse at 6:30 p.m. (members should be prepared to pay by credit card - cash/debit don't seem to be great options, historically). Reminder: let us know how many in your party will attend dinner!!

  4. Who's leaving when? Former Commodore, Judy Redmond (Whisper), Zatarra 1, and Radiance will set out Friday, July 29. The Commodore, Derrick Yeomans, (Zambezi) plans to leave at dawn, Saturday, along with S/Vs Pompero, Canace 1, and Taz.

  5. What else do I need to know? There are no cabs in the area so if you want to get around in Erie, we recommend you rent a car or bring an e-bike.

  6. Finally, you should have the Arrive Can app (delete and reinstall to avoid the latest glitch) and your CPB sticker -- just remember your passport!!

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